Oliver’s — “Training”

Chicago to SF by Train

  • Directed, Shot, and Edited by Ben Derico
  • Starring John Philp Thompson

  • Music: “Dusty trails”

Oliver's Apparel sent us on a week-long train trip from Chicago to San Francisco to test out their new Movement Kit. What we found along the way were quaint midwestern towns, snowcapped mountains, and plenty of good times.

Check out the rest of the series, read more about our trip, and see some beautiful photos by John Philp Thompson in this article.

Advance Auto Parts

Car + Culture series “4x4s & The Great Outdoors”

  • Featuring: Jenny Chapin and the New Mexico 4-Wheelers
  • Produced by Sidekick Video
  • Director: Ben Derico
  • Director of Photography: Ben Derico
  • Agency Creatives: Juan Camilo Moore, Edu Vea Keating, Manuel Torres
  • Agency Executive Producer: Aldo Gagliardi
  • Agency Producer: Juale Chavez
  • Sidekick Video Producer: Jenny Napier

  • Editor: Ben Derico

  • Graphics: Andrew Lucas

  • Colored by Paul Galati @ Cinema Light Company

  • Audio Mix by Steven Aguilar at Particle

  • Account: Rina Herrero

Advance Auto Parts Presents, Car + Culture. A series about cars and the cultures that surround them. Produced with Sidekick Video, I was asked to join the AAP crew and direct 4 mini-docs about car subcultures and the people that surround them. In chapter one we went to New Mexico to learn more about 4-Wheelers and their cars.

The New Mexico 4-Wheelers have been active in the Albuquerque area since 1958. Respecting the land, enjoying the challenge, helping others. Check out the whole 4-Part Series here.

Roam Magazine

TOMA CAFÉ — Coffee Roasters

  • Directed by: Anthony Perez
  • Director of Photography: Ben Derico

  • Edited by: Ben Derico
  • Art Direction: David Bouttier
  • Audio Mixing: Ignacio Bonet

Roam Magazine was created to find the creative heart of Madrid. Through dozens of hangouts with some of the city's best, both well-known and hidden creatives, ROAM strives to understand the city’s true identity through it’s creative makers and doers.

I was asked to travel to Madrid, my home away from home, to create about a dozen mini-documentaries on subjects ranging from Coffee Roasters to Book Binders, Bee Keepers to Potters. This episode features Madrid’s premiere caffeine purveyors, TOMA CAFÉ. Check out the rest of the series here, and don’t forget to swing by ROAM Magazine to read up on the latest articles.

Home Chef

Everything But The Hat — 0:30

  • Phil: Asher Perlman
  • Sara: Katie Klein

  • Directors: Ben Derico & Bruno Pieroni
  • Director of Photography: Ben Derico
  • Producer: Jenny Napier

  • Editor: Ben Derico
  • 1st AC/2nd Camera: Sergio Salgado
  • Still Photography: John Thompson
  • Colored at Nolo Digital
  • Audio Mix by Steven Aguilar at Particle

Home Chef contacted Sidekick Video to create a series of launch spots for their their meal service that delivers perfectly portioned, fresh ingredients, and chef-designed recipes direct to your door.

Written and Co-Directed with Bruno Pieroni and performed by Second City Main Stage actors Asher Perlman and Katie Klein, the spot has helped Home Chef, both online and in broadcast, separate themselves from the pack. Check out the rest of the campaign here.

MasterCard: Priceless Cities London

The Ilene Walk

  • Featuring Sandra Falase

  • Writer/Director/Editor: Judy Suh
  • Director of Photography: Ben Derico
  • Line Producer: Yoon Jung Kim
  • Music: Catherine Yang
  • Animation: Ang Puglise

  • Color grading: Paul Galati
  • Sound design: Alison Ho
  • Graphic design: Judy Suh
  • Additional Photography: Jake Brusha

Branded short film for MasterCard Priceless Cities. Part of a series about discovering a city both through the eyes of a local and a visitor. Check out the other video in the series here

Shot in London. February, 2015.

Kraft Kitchen Techniques

How to cut an Avocado

  • Director & DP: Ben Derico
  • Agency: Walton Isaacson

  • Client: Kraft

  • Creative Director: Mark Westman
  • Producer: Megan Guerrant
  • Food Stylist: Emilie Zanger
  • Art Director: Yumi Minamikurosawa
  • Copywriter: Juan Camilo Moore

  • 2nd Camera: Sergio Salgado

  • Assistant/Photographer: John Thompson
  • Editor: Ben Derico
  • Color: Paul Galati

One in a series of six videos I directed for Kraft. Produced at Sidekick Video, we partnered with talented creatives at Chicago-based agency Walton Isaacson to help bring a new look and feel to Kraft’s online How-To catalogue. Check out the whole series here.

At the Kinfolk table

A Dinner at Tryon Farm

  • Production Company: Tru Studio
  • Cinematography: Ben Derico
  • Music: “Gentle Waves’ by Randomnoise

On October 26, 2013, Estera Style hosted a gathering at Tryon Farm in Michigan City, Indiana to celebrate “The Kinfolk Table,” a newly released cookbook from Kinfolk Magazine that encourages the tradition of gathering together, sharing timeworn recipes and the simple joy of spending time with old and new friends. The Kinfolk dinners and community gatherings are an invitation to engagement: engaging with new skills, new relationships, and a refreshed understanding of the physical world around us.


Stories that Deserve a Plane

  • Agency: Garcia
  • Production Company: 7383
  • Directed by: Daniel Aguirre
  • Director of Photography: Ben Derico
  • Art Direction: Raimon Bragulet

Each year Vueling renames their fleet of planes. In year's past they've named them after passengers, but in 2015 they decided to name them after people who do good. This video series launched the campaign asking people from all over the world to nominate exemplary people from their community to have a plane named after them.

I was asked to meet the team from 7383, a Madrid-based production team, in New York City to DP this touching series.

This video tells the story of Arelis and Carlos Vasquez, owners of an Upper-East-Side Dry Cleaners offering free services for anyone who is unemployed and needs a suit cleaned for an interview.

CreativeMornings Chicago Close Ups

Matthew Hoffman

  • Directed, Shot, and Edited by Ben Derico
  • Additional Photography and Interview Help by Juan Camilo Moore

CreativeMornings Chicago Close Ups are a series of Artist Profiles created to accompany lectures and talks on creativity. Each speaker gives a 20 minute talk, followed by a Q&A early on a Friday morning to a room full of eager creators. These videos serve as a way to take a deeper, closer look at each speaker, their process, and their space to give viewers an even better idea of who the speaker is. In our 3rd installment, we interviewed Matthew Hoffman of You are Beautiful. Check out the rest of the series here.


Carrot Muffin TV — 0:30

  • Agency: Cosette
  • Live Action Production House: Derico Films
  • Live Action Director/DP: Ben Derico
  • 1st AC: Sergio Salgado

I was asked to direct the live action component of this McDonald’s TV spot. We also worked on photos that were used in billboards as well as in-restaurant advertisements.